The Chancel Choir leads music in worship at the 10 AM service. A volunteer group of 6-15, the choir provides anthems for other worship opportunities as well as the 10 AM service. It is not an audition group but open to all. Rehearsal is 6:30PM Wednesday night, in the Music Library Room located on the 2nd floor of the church room 209-213. Mark Kimzey is the Chancel Choir director. He holds a BME from Iowa Wesleyan College.

The Praise Band participates weekly in the 10AM service. Dave Adams and Delaney Van Ness share the lead of the Praise Band, which features vocalists, keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. It is a group of 2-6 open to anyone willing to give their talent a try.

Ringtones is the bell choir of First UMC. Organist Jerry Lalaga directs the Ringtones group. Usually made up of 8-12 players, Ringtones is open to all. They perform primarily at the 10AM service for Various Sundays. The Ringtones rehearse at 5:30PM Wednesday evenings in the Music Library Room on the 2nd Floor of the church.

Melissa Flowers is leads our Children’s Music Ministries. The children are Pre-Kindergarten-6th Grade. They sing at the 10AM service throughout the year.

The Music Department invites and encourages anyone who wishes to participate in the music ministries of First UMC to contact the church office at 319-385-1740. They will direct you to the person responsible for the group which you would like to join.

First United Methodist’s sanctuary is the home to a beautiful 29-rank Reuter Pipe Organ. Installed as a 19-rank instrument into the new church building in 1955, it was enlarged and given a new, movable 3-manual console in 1992. In addition, the sanctuary houses a Baldwin baby grand piano. The chapel of First United Methodist is a warm and intimate space for many worship activities. It features a Charles Walter studio piano and Hammond organ. The Fellowship Hall has the other baby grand piano of the church. There are 2 other Wurlitzer studio pianos – one in the Sunday School Music Room and one in the Music Library room.

The choir is tucked in on the right side.l