Sunday Mornings   9:00 -9:50 am 

   Nursery is located on the south side of the sanctuary
   Grades 1-3 in Room 201
   Grades 4-6 in Room 200


We would like to welcome you and the youngest members of your family. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment for your child while you attend services and activities at church.


*  You are required to sign your child in every time you use the nursery. You will be asked to provide a cell phone number. Please put your phone on vibrate during church. If there is a need to contact you a short text will be sent.

*   You will be asked to provide allergy information each time you use the nursery. A list of children with food allergies will be kept with the snack foods. 

*  Children will only be released to the person who signed them in unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

*  Separation anxiety is common at this age. Normally children calm down within a few minutes. If your child does not calm down within 15 minutes, or fewer at your request, you will be contacted.  

Our Services

Child care is provided during Sunday morning worship from 8:45am—11:00 am. During this time a Bible story is read to the children, or a short video is shown. We believe children are never too young to start learning about God’s love.

We ask that you pick up your child as soon as possible after church or class.
Child care for special events can be arranged by contacting the church office.

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